What better way to enliven your workplace than by adding greenery?

Here are 5 excellent reasons to introduce plants to your office:

1. Plants Reduce Your Stress Levels


The University of Technology, Sydney, made some incredible findings in 2010. Employees’ stress levels dropped significantly when plants were introduced to their office. There was a 37% drop in tension and anxiety; a 58% drop in depression or dejection; a 44% drop in anger and hostility; and 38% less fatigue.



2. Plants Boost Your Productivity


Simply looking at beautiful green plants is enough to boost levels of productivity. Research carried out by the University of Exeter suggests that productivity levels can increase by 15% when plants are added to work environments.



3. Plants Boost Your Creativity


According to this report, foliage and greenery could increase your workplace creativity by 15% too. It seems that by observing nature, the brain shifts to a different form of processing. We feel calmer and more able to concentrate.



4. Plants Purify The Air


Adding plants is an ideal way to improve the air quality in your office. They take the carbon dioxide we breathe out and combine it with light and water to produce photosynthesis. This study found that plants are able to rid the air of harmful chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.



5. Plants Reduce Noise Levels


This one’s particularly fascinating. According to research, it’s worth positioning larger plants at the edges and corners of your office. They could help reduce the distracting effects of background chatter in your office, simply by absorbing sound.



Why not introduce a touch of greenery to your workplace? Plants have so many refreshing benefits that’ll do you a world of good.


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