You deserve to have access to the healthiest, most vitamin packed food available. That’s why we create self-growing indoor gardens, making it possible for you to grow fresh plants even in remote urban areas. 

Having carried out hundreds of experiments and conducted research on everything from plants to fertilizers, we developed a unique Nano-tech growth medium called smart soil which is at the center of our technology. Our Smart Soil and its current shape is intended for the specific cultivars we grow today. 

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Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate all of the father figures in our lives; those who’ve sacrificed so much to help us get to where we are today.

Give your dad something unique and unexpected. Something fresh, natural and sustainable. Something he can enjoy using everyday, for years to come. Why not give Dad his very own indoor gardening experience? Gifts of nature are an amazing way to express your love. With that in mind, we’ve put together 3 limited edition Smart Garden 9 bundles designed to make your dad smile.


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