Do’s and Dont’s

Please read the following instructions carefully, to ensure you get the maximum out of your Grow Smart Greens products and enjoy fresh herbs, veggies or flowers for a long time.


  • Please place your indoor garden in clean and ventilated area.
  • The plant should get light for 16 hours  daily for healthy growth. As the product has an inbuilt timer, it would be good to have the uninterrupted power supply.
  • In case of break in electricity, please make sure to reset the lamp in the morning to start a new cycle – according to your time 6am-10pm/7am-11pm /8am-12pm etc. You should always wait for at least 10 seconds after unplugging the lamp to allow it reset and then plug in again to start a new cycle.
  • If you experience frequent failures in electricity, please close the unit at night around 10pm/11pm and start it back after 8hours around 6pm/7pm respectively.
  • Please monitor water float indicator regularly. When that hits the bottom and you can’t bob it up-and-down with your finger then it’s time to refill the tank.
  • Please use the drinking water for watering the plants.
  • Please do say Hello to your babies whenever you pass by!
  • Don’ts

  • Please do not put the unit in direct sunlight.
  • Do not directly pour water into plants at any time. You can only water the plant by filling water into the tank.
  • If you have any additional queries or need help with any of the products check out or FAQs or submit a query on our Support desk – . We are always here to make sure, you enjoy every bit of your experience with your smart gardens. If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, please write to