Yes, our Smart Herb Garden is designed to monitor water-levels itself. But there are some exceptions, when you might overlook the set-up process.

If you pour too much water inside, the system does not regulate properly (the big float shouldn’t rise above the surface of the lid).

Also, you could first check the white wicks inside the lid. Sometimes the wick that’s moisturising the refill has moved out of place. Take out the lid and see, if all the straws look the same. If you see a top of a wick pointing out longer than the others, just press it on a table or some other hard surface until they’re all even. When re-seating, make sure the wick clicks into the plastic of the refill cup.

If your refills still seem too wet (which cause moss and mold), just click the pods out of the garden for 1-2 days to let them dry.  Please note, that this could happen at the first stage of the growth. The substrates have the same amount of moist inside, but when the plants are smaller, they need less water which can lead to overwatering in the beginning. That problem should resolve, when plants are bigger and need more water.