Smart Garden 9 – Yellow Tomato Combo
Smart Garden 9 – Yellow Tomato Combo

Smart Garden 9 – Yellow Tomato Combo

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How great it would be if you have a garden that doesn’t need you to manually check the water level, nutrients, and availability of light every other day? Smart Garden 9 is the exact solution you need that automatically checks for and maintains optimum water, nutrients, and light for your plants.

A self-growing indoor garden containing set of 9 plants that is efficient and smart enough to grow and maintain its plants; introducing the Smart garden 9 of Grow Smart Greens, where you can grow nine plants at once and also choose to grow any combination of flowers, herbs, or vegetables in this indoor garden.

Decked with low maintenance indoor plants, the Smart garden 9 has some of the best indoor plants, designed to grow on Smart Soil inspired by NASA technology that makes sure the water level, pH level, nutrients, oxygen, and other necessary components are maintained for the plants to grow properly. The special LED grow lights provide the much-needed light energy for the plants to thrive perfectly in indoor conditions by using 95% less water, carrying 600% more antioxidants, and growing 30% faster.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is plug in the bio-degradable indoor plant pods (pots) in the smart garden, fill the water tank, and plug in the power cord. The Smart Garden 9 will take care of the rest and you can grow various types of herbs, flowers, and veggies all year round!

This Smart Garden 9 Combo includes 9-Pack of Yellow Mini Tomato plant pods.

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